We're working hard to keep our community safe and healthy

As an organization, we have taken severe measures to ensure all of our families remain healthy and safe. The following is a list of protocols that we are doing as an organization to protect you and your family:


  • Continued to sanitize all surfaces and door handles every hour.

  • Placed protective measures, like gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, and bleach spray for volunteer drivers in all Gleaner vehicles.

  • Implemented a numbering system to ensure that there are no more than 5 shoppers in the market at any given time.

  • Reinforced that families must wait in their vehicle until it is their turn to shop.  

  • Offered reusable bleach cloths in the market for families to sanitize shopping carts prior to using them. 

  • Set up various hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. 

  • Created an opportunity for mobile food programs for vulnerable families.

  • Offered curbside pick-up options for families that are trying to limit their exposure

We're In This Together 

We all have a moral responsibility to keep our community safe. Per the Public Health recommendation (2020), “Anyone who has been exposed to a confirmed case [COVID-19] should quarantine themselves at home for 14 days. People experiencing symptoms need to stay home for at least three days after their symptoms resolve or at a minimum seven days, whichever is longer” (Skagit County Public Health, 2020). Although no confirmed cases have been traced back to Skagit Gleaners, it is extremely important that each of us uphold our moral responsibility to keep one another safe.

Please continue to abide by the following Health Office Recommendations from our Health Department:

Wash your hands frequently

Stay home when you are sick

Avoid touching your mouth & eyes

Clean & disinfect frequently-used surfaces

Cover your coughs & sneezes

Stay away from people who are sick