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About US

Skagit Gleaners is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization


Our purpose is to provide food, household merchandise and clothing to frugal, waste conscious and working families.

We do this by rescuing surplus food and product from local grocery stores, manufacturers, restaurants and thrift stores in Skagit County.


Our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization increases the financial security net for families by offering these unique grocery rescue programs to our community. In addition to offering an immediate relief for families, Skagit Gleaners helps families achieve a lifestyle of sustainability, financial freedom, gratitude and community - all while keeping surplus food and goods out of overflowing landfills.

Membership is open to all individuals who are willing to contribute to the mission of our organization through volunteerism, thus, giving back to the community at large. Each family also contributes a nominal shared overhead fee to help cover organizational expenses.


This model creates an atmosphere of ownership and responsibility, where families are able to “give and receive” instead of just “receive”. From this, everyone shares a common mission of having an attitude of gratitude.


By volunteering together, we maintain autonomy, self-esteem and provide an opportunity where we can all use our unique talents towards the growth of our organization.  

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